Child sexual abusers are men and women who are wired up wrong and who often feel overwhelmed by their sexual urges. Usually, they feel more comfortable with children than with people their own age (adults and adolescents).

We often imagine abusers to be sadistic, perverse, manipulative and calculating. While these people do exist, they actually very rare. The vast majority of child sexual abusers are sweet and caring people who truly love children. Moreover, they are often very popular with children and their parents, because they inspire confidence.

Various scientific research conducted around the world shows that:
– One in four attackers is a teenager under the age of 18.
– One in two attackers is a member of the child’s family.
– 90% of the perpetrators are part of the child’s inner circle (school, extracurricular activity, neighbor, family friend, childcare …)
– At least one third of child sexual abusers have themselves been victims of sexual abuse during their childhood; they were never able to speak about it or they never received adequate support.
– Recurring child sexual offenders usually committed their first assault during adolescence and it never led to any criminal penalty or therapeutic treatment. However, research shows that only convictions accompanied by appropriate care significantly reduced the risk of recurrence.

The vast majority of child sexual abusers never dared to speak about their haunting pedophile fantasies before they took action.