1. I went to a shrink and told him. I was afraid he would call the cops, but he did not. We worked for months and gradually I managed with its help to get rid of the urge to watch these images. It was sometimes hard, and it really took guts. It happened to me to crack, but often I resisted. After 4 years of therapy, I finally got rid of this urge. Sometimes I am still troubled when I see some kids, but I have no desire to masturbate watching pictures, and usually it goes after a few seconds.

  2. I turn off my computer after dinner, and forbid myself to turn it on overnight. This is during the night that cravings are the strongest.

  3. I went slowly, like a detox. Every week I would erase 100 files, and have forbidden myself to download new ones. It lasted 14 months. After 14 months, I had no more files. Freedom!

  4. I met former victims. They told me what it feels like to have your picture taken, and being forced to smile when you’re suffering. When I saw a picture of a child, I used to have an erection. Now I think of the victims that I met, and that’s enough to calm me down. I don’t images anymore to get excited.

  5. I search on Google for the latest news about child abuse. I read the sentences, and read interviews of convicted pedophiles/childporn users. Many say they lost everything: wife, family, friends, job… reputation. All that for a few hundred pictures. The price to pay is way too expensive. I prefer not to.

  6. I go to adult porn sites and look at actresses like Gigi Rivera, Emily Grey or Dakota Skye. They look very young, but it is totally legal and they are willing.

  7. I physically destroyed the hard drive on which I had all my videos and photos. I took a hammer and said aloud: “Now, it’s over!” I also formatted my computer, trash it to the dump, and bought a brand new one. I felt free. I felt lighter, freed from a heavy burden. That was six years ago. I’m totally over it. Forever.

  8. I close my eyes and I imagine things. This is not the best option, but it’s the only way to resist the temptation. My rule: I do never masturbate in front of a screen. If I watch a screen, the temptation is too strong.