The moment one person imposes their sexual desire on another person, it is abuse. In every instance of abuse, there is always an abuse of power and often a breach of trust, since the abuser often targets a person more vulnerable than themselves.

Children are unable to consent to sex because they do not yet know what it is, and they don’t have to know about it. They are too young and too immature to know and to experience sexuality.

To make a child have a sexual experience, even when this is done as part of a game, is to transform this child into an object of satisfaction for your own adult or adolescent desire, and that is unacceptable.

Sexual abuse is a sexual activity in which a victim is encouraged or coerced by an attacker, to carry out the sexual activity either on themselves or on another person, with or without physical violence. It is possible to abuse someone without there being any physical contact (harassment, grooming, exposure …) as well as with physical contact taking place (kissing, caressing, fondling, penetration …) It is always sexual abuse.