Do not be fooled by your own desires: no child ever wants sexual relations – not one, not ever.
  1. I’m 14 and I think I’m a pedo. I can’t stop looking at little girls. I think I’ll restrain myself. I really don’t want to hurt them.

  2. I live in [North Africa] and there’s no help for us here. When the urge is strong (my young neighbors), I come on this website and I read the tips. It makes me feel better, like I’m not alone.

  3. I’m part of a support group with other pedophiles. At first I didn’t like it, but after a while it felt good to be with the other group members. I know I can count on them to support me in hard times, during the days when the fantasies are stronger.

  4. I never go to parks during the weekends. I never pass by schools. During the summer I never go on the seaside. I never watch films or TV series with kids. I masturbate on pics of +18 women who look young (small breasts…)

  5. I was abused when I was a kid, and now I always want to touch young boys. But I know it would hurt them, I’m the perfect proof, so I restrain myself… because otherwise it is an endless circle.

  6. I used to be PE teacher in a high school. I resigned and now have a new job. I just could no more. It was too hard to stay near the locker room all day long. I was tempted several times a day. So I took my responsibilities and resigned.

  7. Just for sharing, not a tip. I used to be a pedophile. I thought I was condemned to be a pedophile forever, but I was wrong. I met a woman, and we are expecting our first child. If someone had told me only 2 years ago that one day I will be happily married with a (grown-up) woman, I would have never believed it. I would have said that I could never sleep with a woman. Yet I am a happy man and all is well.

  8. I don’t go anymore at my sister’s during summer. It was too hard to see my nephews all day long, I had more and more fantasies. It’s sad not to see them anymore, but it’s for their own good (and mine). My sister wants me to come, she doesn’t understand. I can’t tell her. I will go again when they grow up.

  9. I started being attracted to my wife’s daughter when she was 9. I have to respect certain rules: never enter her room, never enter the bathroom, avoid going to the pool or at the seaside on holiday… Now she’s 16 and I feel better, not attracted to her anymore.

  10. Before, when I met kids in the street, I couldn’t help but watch them (their face, their butt…), and I was turning red. Now I try to turn my head to the other side, to avoid seeing them.

  11. When I fall in love with a boy, I manage to not cross the line, and try to avoid having new fantasies when I see him. Also to protect him, because I can say that he feels I like him in a “weird” way.